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Enjoy the Nara Kingyo Museum at M!Nara!
Enjoy the Nara Kingyo Museum at M!Nara!
kingyomuseum KINGYO × DISCO × AQUARIUM AQUAOSIS JAPONE小路 Trick Art Human Aquarium、Infinite Goldfish、500 Goldfish

One of the largest goldfish entertainment aquariums

This is one of Japan’s largest museums for goldfish and was built in Nara, one of the three major goldfish production areas in Japan. The museum is dedicated to goldfish, and features goldfish exhibited in various ways by cutting-edge artists. Enjoy unique arts using projection mapping, flowers, a terrarium, and mirror balls. The goldfish, the stars of the museum, come from Yamatokoriyama City, and are of various breeds from the familiar to rare. Approximately 3,000 fish swim elegantly and smoothly in the aquarium. We offer a unique place filled with surprises, healing effects, and excitement perceived by the five senses. This is no ordinary aquarium for goldfish, but can be called an “entertainment aquarium.”

One of the largest goldfish entertainment aquariums
Nara Kingyo Museum


Seven artistic spaces using projection mapping, lighting, stained glass and mirrors
These spaces are decorated by different artists to create a surreal atmosphere. The goldfish swimming in these spaces are elegant, matching the background and forming part of the art itself. Do not miss the unusual expressions of the goldfish!


Here comes a mirror ball disco night created by combining traditional good seasonal settings in Japan, goldfish, and the latest technologies and glamorous mirror balls.
The aquarium uses the world’s first diamond cutting technology to create a brilliant cut in the space by reflecting light from the top in all directions, producing a shiny and shimmering impression.
Immerse yourself in this glamorous, exciting world.


This aquarium is an attractive power spot, with goldfish exhibited beautifully like living jewels.
Look at the goldfish swimming in the space set against the 12-m wide background of colorful fantasy projection mapping images such as water and forests.
Experience the supreme healing effects possible only here.


A streetscape in the Edo period is replicated with a captivating atmosphere like Oiran Dochu. With the cherry trees in the spring and fall foliage in the autumn, you can enjoy scenes of the four seasons.
Japanese beauty and colorful art achieved by combining 21 Japanese umbrellas and lighting welcome you.

KINGYO × Trick Art

“Trick art” lets you ride on and scoop up goldfish, as well as take marvelous and miraculous pictures.
Also look at the brush strokes of the paintings on the wall.

Human Aquarium


The one and only in Japan, this human aquarium lets you experience the feeling of goldfish. Everything is about ten times larger than ordinary aquariums; even the waterweed and aerators are made to suit the sizes of humans. Let’s enter the aquarium and experience the life of goldfish. Take pictures of yourself swimming in various styles.

Infinite Goldfish


Approximately 1,700 years ago, people discovered the beauty of some Crucian carp that had unusual colors. They valued colors different from ordinary species and appreciated their diversity. This human tendency of perceiving beauty in different colors could be considered the origin of aesthetics.

500 Goldfish

NARA KINGYO MUSEUM × Yanai,Yamaguchi

500 Goldfish is a collaborative artwork featuring goldfish lanterns made in Yanai City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
These overwhelming grids were made during the pandemic, with a wish to link every part of Japan, from end to end, with emotional ties. Each of the 500 lanterns was made by craftsmen, and linked by us at UWS ENTERTAINMENT.

Packed with photogenic spots!



You can meet such goldfish
  • Sarasa Ranchu

  • Oranda Shishigashira

  • Tiger Oranda

  • Tosakin

  • Sanshoku Demekin

  • Azumanishiki

  • Ranchu

  • Ryukin

  • Fees
    • Adult (junior high school students or older)
    • Elementary school students
    • Aged 65 or older
    • People with disabilities (and carrying a certificate)
    • Pre-school children

    * If a person with a disability presents their certificate, their assistant (1 person) can enter the museum for free.
    * The entrance fee (600 yen/child) is assessed for pre-school children (aged 0 to 6) falling within the following criteria:
    - Those who visit our facility led by teachers or school staff on an event held by a school under the provisions of Article 1 of the School Education Act.
    (Kindergartens, nursery, elementary, junior high, high and special schools, colleges and universities)
    - Those who visit our facility led by members of local children support associations, kids clubs, etc. on an event held by such organizations.

  • Address

    M!Nara 4F, 1-3-1, Nijo-oji-minami, Nara City, Nara Prefecture 630-8012

    Opening hours:
    10:00–18:00, 7 days a week

    * Last entry is 30 minutes before closing time.
    * The venue is subject to temporary closure or change in operating hours depending on the season or events.
    We will announce such closure and change via notices. Please check the details before visiting.


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